Narcotics Detection

Narcotics Detection

In the wake of a burgeoning epidemic of substance abuse and addiction across the United States, the need to shield our loved ones and communities has become paramount. Vestige K9 stands at this critical juncture, offering specialized narcotics detection services that are tailored to meet the needs of rehabilitation centers, families, educational institutions, businesses, and more.

Our distinguished K9 units are adept at detecting an array of illicit substances, ensuring not just the safety of your loved ones but also fortifying the efficacy of rehabilitation programs and safeguarding valuable assets. Each canine is meticulously trained to discern even trace amounts of hidden narcotics and residues, a skillset honed to perfection, manifesting an acumen that surpasses human capabilities.

A Collaborative Approach for Comprehensive Security

The reality of narcotics overdose, an affliction touching lives across the nation, accentuates the indispensable role of our K9 teams in the private sector. They are not just trained but are refined to excellence, capable of uncovering concealed substances in the most elusive corners, underscoring their invaluable contribution to our collective wellbeing.

Entrust us with the sanctity of your space. At Vestige K9, we are not just offering a service but are extending a partnership, a commitment to usher in an era where safety and security are not aspirational but are foundational.

Our Teams are Trained and Certified in the Detection of:




Methamphetamines & Chemical Derivatives



Our Teams Have Been Proven Successful Deployed in All Sorts of Environments to Include:

Rehabilitation Centers

Halfway Houses

Detention Centers





Mass Transportation

Events & Expos

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