Our consulting and advisory services help agencies and other businesses maintain accurate records, launch new programs, and assist with program implementation or events.


Building a K9 program from scratch? Or are you simply seeking a new company to certify your dogs? Either way Vestige K9 Solutions can be the valuable partner you have been seeking.

How it Works

Our consulting and advisory services help agencies with K9 programs or businesses seeking counsel for the safety of their events or properties. Plans are personalized to the unique needs of the client whether that is maintaining accurate records, launching new programs, or sourcing new breeders.

As K9 services are a more regular part of every safety plan, Vestige can help where to best position K9 resources. Years of honing best practices allow us to guide on maximizing the effectiveness of your dogs.

For businesses and individuals who currently work with K9s but are looking for support in other areas, our team is here to help. We offer comprehensive consulting services to meet your unique needs and help take your business or program to the next level.

Some of our consulting services include:

  • Maintain Records – all K9s must have training standards upkeep and their record maintained. We can externally track records and provide training modules for both individual handlers and companies /agencies.
  • Launch of a new K9 Program from scratch (for both handlers and new dogs)
  • 90 Point Evaluation of Current Programs
  • Providing K9 Expertise at small and large scale events

Our Process

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