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Learn more about the different services we offer and how they will elevate your safety and security while building the public’s trust in your organization.

Explosive Detection

Our highly trained K9 teams excel in Explosive Detection, ensuring safety in various environments.

Expert Canine Teams

Our K9 teams are certified and experienced in explosive detection.

Swift and Accurate Detection

Our dogs can quickly identify explosives, minimizing potential threats.

Versatile Deployment

We offer services for events, facilities, and transportation security.

Customized Solutions

Tailored to your specific needs, we create comprehensive security plans.

Peace of Mind

With our services, you can rest assured that safety is our top priority.

Narcotics Detection

Our specialized K9 units are dedicated to narcotics detection, helping you maintain a drug-free environment.

Highly Trained Dogs

Our K9 units are extensively trained to detect various narcotics.

Efficient Searches

Our teams can perform searches in schools, workplaces, and public spaces.

Prevent Illegal Activities

Our services discourage drug-related incidents and maintain safety.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

We uphold strict confidentiality in all our searches.

Compliance with Regulations

We ensure your compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


Some of our consulting services include:

Maintain Records

All K9s must have training standards upkeep and their record maintained. We can externally track records and provide training modules for both individual handlers and companies /agencies.

Launch New K9 Program

Launch of a new K9 Program from Scratch (Train handlers, sell dogs)

90 Point Evaluation

90 Point Evaluation of current programs

Providing K9 Ecpertise

Providing K9 Expertise at small and large scale events.

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